This is an internal war within yourself between the inner self-dialogue versus the external world’s attack on your character and personality. At the time of his arrest, Pluto was by far the closest transiting aspect, in square to Midheaven. The trickiest part of the transit so far was earlier this week when transiting Mars brought its aggressive energy into the mix, squaring Pluto in the sky so that the whole Mars/Pluto battle was brought into the healing room of my transit. If old matters need to be cleared up, you are afforded with opportunities to do so now. Since my divorce 2010 I have been living alone, doing long hours at work, trying to learn what the life is all about. T Pluto can last longer if it is afflicting a Progressed planet. At this time, you realize the importance of bringing your own individuality and creativity into all you do. This can be a time when your thoughts turn to removing emotional blocks that you have with loved ones. You need to choose between going along with the status quo or making changes and improvements which may involve breaking a few rules now and then. Naughty Natal You may feel like hiding your distress or problems from everyone and refuse to let anything crush your hopes and optimism. When Pluto transits your third house, daily life and routine issues begin to gain importance and become more significant. Being aware of this influence should allow you to consider moderating your attitude to reflect a more constructive self-assertion. A deep-seated fear of insecurity or underlying emotional dependency can resurface due to conditions in either your public or domestic life. Your increased sense of independence can inspire those around you, and without realizing it, you may be helping them to recover their own individuality through observing your actions. You may be desperately trying to hold on to what you believe in. several threads will come up, one is a you tube video. There is a need to set limits to what can truly be accomplished, as you can be easily carried away by your own beliefs, thoughts, and perception of reality. A situation may lead you to recall memories of prior experiences where you felt hurt over being considered an outsider or inferior to others. On the negative side, if you have an underlying fear of failure or incompetence, you may develop unrelenting standards now which will be very difficult to achieve. There are likely to be improvements in your personal environment as well. In particular I have been flooded with information from my past. Opportunities can come to you through those who have the influence you need in order to make productive connections in your field of expertise. You can turn things around in your favor now, planning your way out of difficulties with non-traditional or original insight. Many people are born under these aspects while they last. Your personal thoughts are based on more healthy emotional beliefs; therefore, other people are more receptive toward your ideas than at other times. Chiron Transits to Pluto seek to disarm your defenses when it comes to what makes you feel less than strong. Thank you so much for this article on the opposition Pluto/Chiron. Pluto Square Juno. Chiron in Pisces went retrograde on July 1st. Early Chiron transits are more likely to be experienced as wounding by others, but whatever happens, … You may be lucky enough to come to the realization that it is useless to dwell on past regrets and poor judgment regarding your career or worldly achievements. You may look at your love life from a new angle, noticing dissimilar interests, tastes, and attitudes or you may become painfully aware of the differences between you and your partner. I’m near you in age, and your comments on your own chart are especially pertinent to me. You can become very hard-headed and push yourself and your aims in only one direction without realizing the turbulence you cause in your daily life. You might take offense too easily or overreact when in a trying situation. Transit Pluto in 3rd House. Financial difficulties such as disagreements over money, possessions and resources or the loss of a valued possession may occur during this period. You will not always wish to agree with or take instructions from other people. If your mate or partner is troubled by anything, you can have a very special healing effect on them now. You may struggle with emotional dependency now, but with a nagging sense that you must try to stand up for yourself. You need to gain some perspective on whether you are only seeking release from a feeling of restlessness, or if change is really warranted. It brought me some much needed comfort. pluto - scorpio- 6th house. Why can't I find much info on Pluto square Chiron in natal chart? Transiting Chiron quincunx Natal Midheaven. Whether it is a personal, love, work or health situation depends upon where you have carried too much emotional and psychological baggage. If you want to fit in with everyone around you, then making a scene or flaunting your uniqueness is not going to make this happen. At this time, when you communicate openly and with a variety of people, you can discover the value of what they have to say, and you can enhance or update your own ideas. Events which occur now can open old emotional wounds and resentments from a previous time in your life. As a result, you may become resentful and distressed, or feel wounded, rather than constructively addressing important issues. Pluto is at a virtual standstill, having just turned retrograde (just like a car making a U-turn, when a planet prepares to change its apparent direction from our viewpoint its motion slows down to a crawl and its influence is at its most intense during this “stationary” period). Although a passing comment or wounding remark can hurt and upset you now, there is also a possibility that you will offend others by putting down their concepts or refusing to take their ideas into consideration. In addition, this is a time when you may give or receive less social invitations than usual, as doors do not readily open to meet your needs. – I have Chiron retrograde which means I had a Chiron return when I was a baby . Communications and plans may be disturbed by events or experiences that interfere with your original intentions. Pluto Trine Pallas Athena. Like Liked by 1 person You are able to negotiate or get past your differences with others. George Bernard Shaw, who had Chiron in the 9th house (philosophy, publishing, "higher" mental functions) making a square aspect with Pluto in the 12th house (restrictions, "hidden" things). There may be frustrating denials or fears of not having the right approach with regard to your career or vocation. You must guard against double standards and making obscure statements when telling others your opinion or viewpoint. Or a confrontation with another individual may cause you to reconsider your viewpoint, and you could end up with hurt feelings in the process. If there are issues of emotional dependency, ill-treatment, jealousy, painful hurt or rejection in a close relationship, you may decide you will not allow these conditions to continue and you simply refuse to consent to such behavior. At this point in time, you redefine your beliefs and values, especially those which pertain to your ambitions, worldly achievements and contributions to society. Not everybody is bound to have a Pluto to Sun transit in their lifetime, but everybody will, at some point, usually in their late 30s / … Other individuals, even those in authority or in professional positions, may bend the rules or follow in agreement with you. Fortunately, you should not have much difficulty getting those around you to accept your way of thinking; in fact, you may inspire some people with your unique way of handling situations. On another level, you and your mate can begin constructive joint ventures now, for instance, combining your unique talents and abilities on a project or making sound investments from your personal assets and financial resources. This is an excellent time to contact old friends or former colleagues who you feel can help guide you into new and different ventures. Aries is ruled by Mars. When it touches Chiron, it is likely that the themes of past wounding emerge. There is a fear that confrontations with others will bring out your most negative side and, in order to protect yourself from rejection, you cover up your emotions with an personal facade of power and control. The Pluto transit square to your natal Pluto occurs sometime between age 36 and 61. Events which surface now have the tendency to bring attention to your creativity and originality. Detrimental habits, attitudes, beliefs and relationships are the types of things that are likely to cause more problems in your life until something happens to force change. Situations arise where you can become unyielding and demanding in your efforts to do everything your own way, without considering the personal interests of others. You will do as you please, even if everyone else seems to be against you. For instance, you may hide certain truths about yourself from other people and therefore mislead them or entice them with false hopes just to get your way. Pluto is making its U-turn at the exact degree of  Chiron on my chart. Chiron opposite Uranus is an incredibly long transit. A lot of the change occurring in these few months will be unpleasant because of When it comes to love and romance, you may not be willing to give of yourself what you ask of another at this time. For example, you may try to push your philosophies on such subjects as religion, education, or everyday issues of your life, only to later realize that other people have very different views. This is generally not effective since the feelings that are stored in the psyche and the body/mind/spirit system tend to remain there until they are fully processed and digested. You move forward by realizing your limitations and restrictions and acting realistically within that framework. You should use caution in situations which appear risky or speculative. Pluto transits only last 2 years — 2014 and 2015; Pluto square Mercury is 2019-20. This is a time to seek out concrete values and ideas which are truly your own and to judge the thoughts of others as their own version of the truth. This turning point requires you to let go of past unhealthy behaviors and attitudes. You are also more open to things which do not necessarily fall in line with what you previously believed. From friends and family whom I left behind, and old choices and compromises I made and thought long finished coming back up with doubts. Greater sensitivity and compassion toward others can bring about a different mode of self-expression. You undertake a new direction or take decisive action to overcome personal problems which have denied you wholeness and well-being. The amazing news is, once the heart breaks, after a time it can pick up the pieces and it can heal itself. Famous Natal Interpretations Your feelings can be deeply hurt if you offer your love and it is not reciprocated. This is the time to abandon obsessions, jealousies and other emotionally damaging behavior that holds you back from making healthy connections with the people in your environment, as well as to rethink negative attitudes which hinder your own personal growth. If you have already done your emotional and spiritual homework prior to this astrological influence, then you will fare much better than most. You may not recognize the full power of your drive and ego, but you will certainly think you have the advantage over everyone else. Problems can occur because you are unable to communicate in a way that harmonizes with others now. You look at things from a new angle, realizing that change can be good for you. You will find yourself with a wealth of newfound creative ideas, and you can use these ideas to find solutions to an old problem or task which has formerly troubled you. Transiting Chiron sextile Natal Midheaven. Since your better judgment is urging you to follow your own inner guidelines, you may set a positive example for others now, and can help them to discover their own individuality in the process. But a 40-year transit is exceptionally rare. Venus square Chiron. I have this opposition in my chart Pluto in Virgo 4th house, Chiron in Pisces – 10th House and forming a close t-square with the conjunction of Sun/AC/Mercury in Gemini. Transit Chiron sextile or trine natal Pluto can be helpful for taking control over your healing, and you can focus on ways you can transform yourself and your life that help you to heal and grow. An over emphasis on having your way or gaining recognition, status or achievement can become a substitute for emotional and domestic connections in your personal life. The individual undergoing this process can experience some evolutionary, and great changes spiritually. For example, if a job or relationship has hindered your growth due to feelings of guilt, fear, insecurity or denial, you may come to the realization that you are lowering your idea of your self-worth or that you are involved in an impossible situation. In my birth chart I have that Stellium (Venus-Chiron-Pluto) in Sagittarius in house 2 with several aspects. Therefore, you overcompensate for feeling different by non-compliance or defiant actions. You may resist being caught up in anyone else’s views or opinions now. Astrology in my world: Pluto transit to Chiron, Sunday inspiration: Transforming through sadness and presence, Astrology in my world: Saturn Neptune and the limits of intuition, 1.28.21. You have more interest in cultural and aesthetic experiences that offer novelty and deviation from your usual activities. Although you concentrate on doing things your own way, you should not experience much difficulty in remaining sensitive to other people’s ideas and beliefs. This is a good time to try a new discipline or philosophy with regard to your career. In work, love, or life in general, you can adopt the attitude that you have strength and supremacy over everyone else. Transits involving slow-moving planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) that occur much less frequently, only last for up to a few years. Pluto trine, sextile or semi-sextile Chiron in the synastry chart. Pluto hasn’t yet made any aspects to natal planets since it entered my 11 th House, but it will form a square to Jupiter/Saturn, a conjunction to Mars, trine to natal Chiron, a square to natal Pluto, sextiles to both Uranus and Venus, and a conjunction to natal Moon during its transit there. Circumstances may leave you feeling overpowered or exposed at this time. Your thoughts and ideas may be confusing or off the beaten track, resulting in verbal arguments or disapproval from those in your environment. Pluto Trine Juno. This may come from an inner need to be recognized as special and important. Aries in Chiron square Capricorn Pluto tends to be one of the most challenging experiences. Although you can envision great strategies and possibilities now, avoid miscommunication which prevents you from achieving your personal goals. A sense of vulnerability or anxiety over being put down can prevent you from being assertive and expressing what you truly want. You can be easily swayed toward taking on the role of savior or victim now. Good to know to keep my head up. If your behavior patterns are far out of proportion with your intentions, you might find yourself socially excluded at this time. Intuitive flashes of inspiration work out well for you now, and you may even pick up some helpful insight from the perspectives of other individuals you associate with. You should take the time to attend to your loved ones as they may feel hurt or rejected if you do not meet their personal expectations. Pluto Trine Ceres. At this time, an intense emotional experience may bring about feelings of loss, abandonment and distress over matters of deep concern to you. Anything you undertake will express your own unique style or perspective. You must not let your relationships with other people suffer because so much effort is going into meeting your high professional standards. You may become aware of a need to rebuild positive family values in your home environment. Pluto square Pluto transit forces you to transform and regenerate. At times, you will feel deeply emotional, perhaps experiencing a flood of tears which will allow you to heal inwardly. In aspect to Pluto, it could be powerful for constructive or destructive work. Situations may arise now which can shake up your sense of security. I have clients come to me in a terrible depression or some other kind of psychic distress, and when we are able to identify the planet that is at work in that client’s chart we can identify not only the nature of the distress this person is experiencing, but also the timing of the difficulty and when it will begin to lift. A confrontation or event in which your ambition or authority is challenged can remind you of past incidences where your pride was hurt or you suffered a bruised ego. Caution is needed when dealing with men, authority figures or business executives who want you to follow very traditional or strict guidelines. Your plans can be unique, grandiose or unusual in some manner, but if you have your heart set on achieving something, this is the time to put forth your efforts. You also can benefit from the sound advice and guidance of a helpful and influential individual. It is difficult to conform to rigid standards or handle pressure from others to go along with their demands. You need to develop a more diplomatic approach when dealing with those around you. The real drama comes from the transits of Chiron, Pluto, and Saturn to his T-Square. January 28, 2021 AstroTarot Chiron sextile Pluto, Chiron conjunct Pluto, Chiron opposition Pluto, Chiron Quincunx Pluto, Chiron square Pluto, Chiron trine Pluto The best Horoscope & … The square will be exact two more times, but there will be an end. Aries is ruled by Mars. Thank you Lynn for noting the distinction between meditation as a healing modality and remaining in situ to feel the immensity of one’s intense pain. I saw this coming, of course, and marked my calendar that from mid-March to mid-May I would be having this Big Transit that could make my life difficult. Following each description is a comprehensive rundown of how each Planet is impacted by the transit of every other Planet, based on the sign of the natal planet. You have a distinctive quality of self-confidence and personal charm which allows you to influence others to go along with your plans, viewpoints, or creative enterprises. Chiron is in my second house, conjunct Pluto, and I have been extraordinarily lucky at gambling the last two months. There can be a new awakening brought on by an intense emotional experience you encounter personally or through another individual’s suffering. Saturn Transit to Chiron – Take Responsibility for Your Wounds — 18 Comments A S on September 14, 2020 at 5:54 pm said: I have Chiron in 5tau, also Mars/Venus 8Tau + and Saturn in 13Leo + Uranus in 8ºSco, Saturn/Jupiter and then Pluto in square and grand square? Cooperation within domestic, love or professional relationships gives you a chance to contemplate your current life situation. You simply will not agree to go along with popular attitudes and feel that the judgments of others are not worth your notice. Here you will find all of the old site content. You come to a realization that you must overcome past failures and shortcomings which dampened your hopes or harmed your chances for success and, instead, try different yet realistic methods to accomplish your goals. You may have an opportunity to express your full potential or awaken inner talents and positive character traits which were formerly suppressed. Although this period can bring challenges to your original views, you still try to remain optimistic and open-minded to even greater possibilities. Your ideas are likely to be quite original and varied, and you may seek new ways to stimulate yourself mentally. This can make the people in your surroundings uncomfortable as they sense your views and convictions are quite different from your usual stance. Over the years I have learned that emotions are simply energy, and that if a planetary cycle brings about emotional distress there is something to be learned and observed. Despite your feelings of isolation, you should attempt to overcome your lack of emotional responsiveness and your avoidance of intimacy. This is a good time to gain some perspective on areas of your life which need improvement. You may feel emotionally renewed and ready for new beginnings. You may discover that more love and understanding is needed to help heal any wound or grievance which you or your partner may be experiencing. Your attitudes and values may not be in sync, or your concepts of romance and intimacy could be quite dissimilar. Saturn Transit to Chiron – Take Responsibility for Your Wounds — 18 Comments A S on September 14, 2020 at 5:54 pm said: I have Chiron in 5tau, also Mars/Venus 8Tau + and Saturn in 13Leo + Uranus in 8ºSco, Saturn/Jupiter and then Pluto in square and grand square? You may be planning to reconstruct or change a particular area of your life, especially if it involves others imposing their restrictions or limitations on you. You may gain deeper insight into the workings of your true self and what you want from life. There is a lot of anxiety as to what your dreams and aspirations really are, but if you focus on personal needs that are realistic, then this period can bring a more healthy emotional connection with others, as well as allowing you enough separateness to be fully aware of your inner nature. This period helps to illuminate your thoughts and ideas, enabling you to use your intuition to come up with new solutions for overcoming problems or situations which have previously challenged you. Events or people can provoke you more easily now. Indeed, Chiron’s energy is both healing, and painful. Thank the gods! Patty Hearst: Chiron quincunx Pluto; Ram Dass: Chiron sextile Pluto; Timothy Leary: Chiron square Pluto; William S. Burroughs: Chiron tridecile Pluto; Anaïs Nin: Chiron quincunx Pluto; Henry Miller: Chiron quintile Pluto; Whitney Houston: Chiron opposite Pluto; R. Kelly: Chiron opposite Pluto; Elisabeth Kübler-Ross: Chiron quintile Pluto This period can bring a chance to determine whether or not your current lifestyle, goals and directions are uniquely your own or merely an extension of past parental influence or pressure to fit in with the establishment. Mars wants to … Pluto/Neptune When in 1973-74 the transit of Pluto was conjoined my natal Neptune at 3 of Libra, it was also passing over the position of Neptune in the lives of all of my contemporaries (or would soon be doing same in 1975/76). ... Venus opposition Pluto – Sunday Jul 21, 2019. You may feel you are at a turning point in a romantic relationship. The balance between work and private life feels out of sync. Venus sextile Uranus. Similarly, you enjoy taking risks and finding new ways to beat insurmountable odds or no-win situations. This can be a difficult period if you have personal traits which are self-destructive, as you will feel the hurt and wounding of your own actions. What you conceive as meaningful may be quite dissimilar from how the people around you perceive things to be. You tend to view things differently or with a new perspective at this time. As Pluto is in a house, you’ll have to work to transform the areas of life ruled by the house. You may feel you have outgrown certain conditions on the job, or that it hurts too much to suppress your creativity and individuality. Home / Astrology Aspects / Chiron / Venus square Chiron. You feel impelled to take risks at this time. Make your choices carefully and do not allow other people’s beliefs or judgments to influence your decisions. This is a favorable time to rebuild or heal your relationships with loved ones, siblings, relatives, or co-workers. At this time you confront your deepest feelings, insecurities and destructive tendencies. Through education or religion or by adopting a more intellectual perspective, you search for ways to gain greater knowledge and insight into different ways of thinking. Furthermore, your provoking and antagonizing tendencies may leave you ill-prepared to deal with the consequences. Pl), for driving (na. Positively, if a confrontation arises, you may be able to find a healthy way to release suppressed anger, stemming from unresolved past issues, or you may express your own aggressive tendencies in a more appropriate manner. Also, you might have to prepare yourself for constructive criticism with regard to your creative projects or financial affairs during this period. At this time, you will likely feel an “inner healing” taking place within you. TRANSITS is a remarkable book which features sign by sign descriptions of each of the Planets, Asteroids as well as Chiron. It can feel as if the gates of hell are opening underneath your feet and the more you hold on to something and obsessively try to protect it, the more you can be sure Pluto will take away just that. Fear—sometimes intense fear—can reveal itself at the beginning of a challenging Pluto transit. This is a time when others have qualms about jumping on your bandwagon. During this period, you have a natural sense of merging and blending with the people in your environment. Similarly, you may prefer to operate from outside the established or traditional way of doing things, resisting the pressure to conform to the expectations of others. It’s just a planetary cycle. The text below is the interpretation of Sun transit when Square Pluto You may feel tempted to find new methods of fulfilling your obligations and responsibilities, rebelling against all the conditions that have previously shaped your beliefs. This is also a good time to reconcile differences with other people, especially men or authority figures. You move toward greater wisdom and personal growth at this time. It is not easy at this time to let go of past disappointments, resentments and emotional wounds. It is best to use this period to discipline yourself to gracefully accept your responsibilities and obligations. Once you come to grips with what has troubled you, you search for something extraordinary to make you feel special and significant. When you try to do things on your own, you feel a need to seek reassurance that your approach is right. There can be a subtle difference in the way you relate to loved ones, such as being more attentive, soft, and tender or your tastes may change and you seek greater refinement and balance in your partnerships. Susan, Pluto square Pluto, which is the only major challenging aspect transiting Pluto can form to natal Pluto since this planet moves so slowly, is more of a “coming of age” moment. Transiting Pluto Square the Sun: This is an intense transit when lots of raw energy is released. It is important to avoid internalizing your anger now and to find ways to resolve your irritability in a positive manner. Events or people can provoke you more easily now. In this manner, you will be able to handle any oversensitivity which you are feeling now. There is a need to show your mate that you have that “special touch”, which gives you the advantage over everyone else. Relationships with men, authority figures or business professionals should greatly improve, and you will enjoy their assistance in the form of guidance or recognition. Your email address will not be published. However, you may not realize you are being given an opportunity to heal past hurts through the current experiences with your loved ones. You also tend to set yourself apart from those you work with by conceiving ideas and goals that make you feel superior, special or far more advantaged than others. At this time, some of your more idealistic goals and aspirations may fail to gain the approval of those around you.

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